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Service Approach

Our service approach utilizes our technical expertise and our network to develop solutions to meet your unique project constraints.   If we don't know how to fix a problem, we will find someone who does.  Our ultimate goal is to help you, our customer.

Services We Offer

Erosion Control

We offer Storm Water Pollution Prevention Planning (SWPPP), Best Management Practice (BMP's) installation, site monitoring, certified inspectors and engineering solutions to solve erosion problems.  We assist general contractors and land owners with their NPDES and TPDES needs.

Construction Support

Our construction support services include building assessments, planning, capital programs development, requirements documentation, acquisition support services, estimating, scheduling, project controls, construction and contract management.

Environmental Compliance

We assist customers in ensuring their organizations meet permit compliance requirements by performing environmental audits (ESOHCAMP), plan development, environmental training, permit renewals, pollution prevention, industrial SWPPP, waste characterization, public water supply, spill prevention plans (SPCC) and permit closure.

Civil Engineering

Our professional engineers and technicians provide engineering services for civil engineering, Edwards Aquifer abatement plans, stormwater management, wastewater treatment, evaporation ponds, water resources and public water supply.  We offer permitting and compliance services to solve water problems.

Environmental Documentation and Permitting

Our engineering and environmental professionals are experts in developing NEPA documentation, municipal solid waste permits, hazardous waste registrations, stormwater permits, petroleum storage tanks, air permits, and any other permit required by TCEQ, EPA and other state regulatory agencies.

Site Assessments and Remediation

Our geologist, environmental scientist and engineers prepare environmental assessments, impact statements, environmental liabilities inventory, sampling plans, monitoring plans, remedial action, cost to complete, remediation progress monitoring, and long term monitoring.

How we can help

Although we specialize in certain areas, our network of subcontractors and colleagues have broad expertise.  If we can't help you, we will find someone who can.

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